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At Home Crafts

Calling all you dreamers and makers! It’s time to have a digital detox, celebrate your creativity and marvel at your masterpiece.

Disconnect and reconnect. Crafting is a great way to relax and reduce stress while also being an excellent way to express yourself and release your creative spark. If you’re spending more time at home, then why not have a ‘crafternoon’ and let your imagination run wild!

The options are endless and there’s a craft out there for everyone to enjoy! You can either go to your local craft store to pick up supplies or shop online from the comfort of your living room. Some crafting businesses such as The Craft Parlour on the Gold Coast have collaborated with talented creatives to bring you in-house magic. As a result, they’ve introduced prepackaged crafts kits with a focus on embroidery, botanical watercolours, macramé plant hangers, and pots and paints.

Here are some simple crafts you can create in an afternoon, all of which would make beautiful additions to your home.


What’s ‘knot’ to love about macramé? Once you get the hang of the technique, macramé is a great meditative hobby. You can adorn your home with all sorts of creations in all shapes and sizes such as wall hangings and plant baskets. We love this cute plant hanger design – a stunning way to showcase greenery in your home.


Slow down the pace with an embroidery project. All you need to get started is embroidery thread, an embroidery hoop, some needles and your fabric of choice.

There is no better time to learn this amazing meditative skill of embroidery! Follow these simple flower designs that are ‘sew’ easy for embroidery newcomers.

Handmade Pottery

No pottery wheel? No problem. Potters have been working with clay to create beautiful handmade pots and vases for years. You can produce free form crockery with basic hand building techniques using your hands, fingers and some simple tools. This kit from Crockd has all you need to start your ceramics journey and can be delivered straight to your crafty door. Order a clay kit for two, three or four people, so your housemates or family members can get in on the action too.


Perhaps one of the easiest crafting hobbies to get on board with at home. All you need is paper or a canvas, some brushes and paints, some imagination and voila! Don’t worry if you’re not the most artistic or an expert at drawing, art is all about interpretation and feel. Painting is a great way to introduce active mindfulness into your life and enjoy time away from the screen. If you’re really struggling to get inspired, why not join a virtual sip and paint like art box session from Pinot & Picasso.

Loom Weaving

Weaving on Winter’s afternoon. Make a DIY woven creation to brighten up a free wall space in your home. Here is all you need to start your weaving project. Learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, without the pressure of a formal textile workshop. There are heaps of online instructional videos such as this beginner’s wall hanging one to guide you with your design.

Happy crafting!