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How To Style Your Christmas Tree

Deck the halls – Here are 10 tips to give you all the inspiration you need to bring Christmas cheer to the next level this year!

1) First things first, choose your tree. Whether it’s a high quality artificial tree or a real pine tree, this is the most important starting point to transforming your house into a festive wonderland.

2) Set aside the perfect spot for your tree. We recommend a low-traffic area that’s close to a PowerPoint with plenty of space on the floor underneath to place your gifts. In front of your living room window can work as a nice feature position to display your efforts for guests on arrival or to brighten up the neighbourhood at night.

3) Use a tree skirt or tree stand. Dress up your Christmas tree and make your masterpiece a feature! For real trees, this doubles up as a mat to gather fallen pine needles.

4) Ensure your tree is kid or pet friendly. Do you have kids or pets? If your answer is yes, then in reality your tree shouldn’t be covered in expensive or fragile baubles. Instead, use decorations that are unbreakable, such as cotton-wool balls, felt and feathers. Concentrate on placing ornaments higher up the tree so pets don’t knock them off easily as they walk past!

5) Design around a theme and colour scheme. Progressive or traditional? Are you all about the nostalgic Christmas decorations with childhood ornaments that take you on a trip down memory lane or do you prefer a more sleek and stylish modern design?

6) Start with the lights first. We recommend wrapping your lights around your tree before the decorations so the wires are not so visible and to avoid the risk of knocking off ornaments and breaking them.

7) Add some Christmas Tree Garlands. To avoid a busy look on your tree, decorate your Christmas tree with a variety of garlands from plain to fancy.

8) Cluster your baubles and style your decorations in layers to achieve a cohesive look. If you’ve chosen a colour scheme (Eg. silver and gold) then make sure to scatter these colours around evenly to create a cohesive look.

For visual interest, play around with the shape and size of ornaments! Keep the hero ornaments for feature positions. Layer decorations deep on branches as well as at the front to create depth and richness to the overall look of the tree.

9) Choose the right tree topper. For the crowning glory, choose from the classic angel or star or go totally unique and design your own!

10) Finishing Touches. To finish the look, place a few gifts under the tree, even if you haven’t bought any presents yet you can always fake it by wrapping some plain boxes.