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Make a cubby house in your lounge room

There’s nothing more fun than creating a cosy secret space like an indoor cubby house!

Your kids will lose themselves for hours playing natural imaginative games in their cubbies and playhouses that they helped create. You can lose yourself for hours transforming your household goods into a secret universe. Aside from being a whole lot of fun, building a cubby also stimulates creativity and “imaginative play,” a key aspect of childhood development.

Step 1: Gather supplies to create the foundations of your house and draw out the blueprints before construction.

You’ll want to make sure you have either three or four chairs or a table to create the base/foundation of the cubby house. You’ll also need some blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and/or bean bags.

Step 2: The materials have all been laid out, now it’s time to choose the perfect spot in the lounge room and get cracking on the build.

If available a mattress makes a super comfy base for your cubby house. There are a few ways to create your little hideaway depending on what you have on hand.

  • Chairs: Place your chairs in a circle with their backs facing inwards. Now drape a couple of bed sheets or blankets over the chairs and secure them with pegs or heavy items (like a large book or paperweight) so your cubby doesn’t collapse in the middle.
  • Alternatively, use a fitted sheet and drape the fitted ends over the backs of the chairs. This creates a stable structure that won’t collapse. Then, use the remaining sheets to drape over the roof to the ground. Make sure there’s a flap at the front for the entrance.
  • Table: Put the table where you want the cubby house to be. Put as many blankets or sheets as you need to cover the whole table so you can’t see inside.

Step 3: Make your cubby house comfortable. 

Place some blankets around to make the space nice and warm. Bring in pillows, bean bags and any other items you think will make the cubby cosy, comfortable, and homely.

Step 4: Decorate the outside of the cubby house. 

This is where you can use anything you have lying around the house: paper, markers, paint, glitter, cut-outs, ribbons, etc.

  • Use decorative wrapping paper to cover the outside of the house.
  • You could also paint or use markers to color and beautify the cardboard.
  • Add other decorative touches, like trimming the windows, or adding names and words.

Step 5: Bring in supplies and have fun! 

Stock up your cubby house with snacks, games, reading material, and toys. An active imagination is the main tool used in the construction of your family cubby house, and the end result is the creation of a safe place for the kids to be carefree through creative play!