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Top 5 Spring Exercises – Getting Back Outdoors

Spring back to nature this September and make the most of the longer and warmer days.

Spring is the season of new beginnings – be it turning over a new leaf or injecting life into old routines – which makes it the perfect time to start being active again or switch up the familiar.

Nature Hikes / Trail Running

National parks are a wonderful place to hit the trails and clear your head with some fresh air. An hour-long hike can burn over 350 calories[LP1]  and will challenge and tone your muscles on the incline. Bring a friend or your partner along, pack a healthy picnic and make a day of it!

Get out on the water

Swimming is an amazing low-impact exercise that gives you a full-body workout while also being extremely therapeutic. If swimming isn’t your thing and you’re looking for a water activity that’s a bit more adrenaline fueled, then why not try your hand at surfing, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding!

Bike Riding

Cycling is a great cardio activity to keep you fit and active while getting from A to B. A good bike ride will torch up to 500 calories an hour[LP1] not to mention the positive environmental benefits. If you don’t have much distance to travel for your daily commute, why not ditch the car and bike to work instead. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

Outdoor Fitness

Heaps of fitness studios take their group classes al fresco in the warmer months. It’s a great way to engage in fitness in a social environment while making the most of the weather at the same time. If your gym isn’t offering this as an option, you can always head to your local park with some fitness equipment and enjoy your own outdoor gym.

Yoga on the beach

Yoga is one of the best daily practices you can introduce into your life to get the blood pumping while restoring body and mind. Combining basic movement and breathing techniques; yoga has the power to bring balance and reduce daily stresses. So get outdoors this Spring and set up your mat at the beach or the park. A natural setting takes away the controlled environment often found in a studio class so you can relax and truly go with the flow!